Hello, hello everyone! I'm going to make a little introduction about me, and I hope you like it.

First of all, my name is Luis Diaz (that's why the nickname Ludi). I was born in Mexico, I’m 34 years old, and I’m passionate about cryptocurrencies, gaming, and business.

I am married, and I have a beautiful dog-daughter :)

Happily married since 2017 -web2 me-.

Happily married since 2017 -web2 me-.

I have studied in several cities in Mexico, focused on finance and economics. I'm an entrepreneur, and I started my first company when I was 21. Around ten years ago, with some friends and partners, we thought of the classic idea of "creating the bar where we would love to go".

So we did it, and that's how we entered the food and beverages industry. Today, that dream has become one of the top food and beverages chains in the south of México: we have three restaurant bars, two franchises, and over 60 employee members on our team.

Meanwhile, around 2016, I discovered the crypto world. With the Finances background, it caught my attention immediately when I understood the world of possibilities. Not only as an investor but also as an entrepreneur.

Fast forward some years, and in the Summer of 2021, I saw my lifelong friend Dagonet in Barcelona. We met around 20 years ago and started a couple of companies in the past decade, but with the NFTs boom, we decided to start a project that motivates us. When we were kids, we used to play Tibia, and the idea of becoming a wizard, a knight, or an archer has always been attractive to us.

More than six months later, Heroes of the Metaverse is a reality. We are more than 15 people on the HOTM team right now, and we know we are creating something that will last. And we know the best things are not built in a couple of weeks or months.

But we are here, and this is going to be AWESOME.

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